The Kolarian Trails

The Kolarian Trials is a fast paced top down boss-rush. Fight in small arenas against a variety of enemies with one of the two available guns: the powerful Shotgun and the high-rate Scattergun. Use the dash move to avoid the bullets while you keep an eye on the clock and try to make it to the top of the online leaderboard.

Screenshot from The Kolarian Trails, a game action packed game boss-rush game

Jezebel and the Flame

When her potion for a witch goes dangerously wrong, local medicine woman Jezebel has to keep her husband Terrence alive as he's been transformed into a flame. Since they don't have much money nor wood, Jezebel has to go ask her neighbours for it. Secrets are revealed and sins are committed. How far are you willing to go to keep your love alive?

Screenshot of Jezebel and the Flame, a narrative adventure with time management elements

I wouldn't if you didn't

You are a psychologist that have to find the root of the conflict between a woman and her mother. This little narrative game was developed in PICO-8, a fantasy 8-bit console, for the Global Game Jam. I later improved the game with a completely refurbished visual style.

Screenshot from I wouldn't if you didn't, a Pico-8 narrative experiment

Other projects

Over the years I've worked on a few projects like The Mighty Purrite Adventure, a platformer game starring my two real life cats, or Chai & Churro, a silly little comic strip I made with my wife.

Screenshot from The Mighty Purrito adventure, a sonic style platformer

The Mighty Purrito Adventure

A Sonic style cat-former in which you will collect nachos, find hidden yarn balls and fight the calaveras with the ultimate purpose of saving your human.

Screenshot from Quak, a platformer developed for the Nokia 3310 Jame 3


A fast-paced and challenging platformer developed for the Nokia 3310 Jam 3 over the course of 6 days.

Screenshot from Fire Campaign, a weird game

Fire Campaign

In Fire Campaign you must lead your team of firefighters through a series of levels putting out fires and rescuing people.

Screenshot from Arrowhead, a little action game


A little action game were you have one arrow and one minute to clean each room.

Chai and Churro

Chai & Churro

Chai & Churro is a comic strip that follows an indo-spanish couple. It might be slightly based in reality. Or not.

Chai & Churro ran from March 2019 to May 2020


I make games and other creative projects by night, but my day job is as a web developer. I've been working for LUXHABITAT for a number of years, creating not only the public facing website but a number of tools like a proprietary CRM/CMS system and a listing sync platform.