Jezeble and the Flame

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Jezebel and the Flame title screen

I’ve been targeting the Ludum Dare for a while. I almost participated on the last edition but it has been in this one, number 46, when I’ve finally taken the step forward.

LD holds a special significance in my world. Was in one of their editions when one a good friend of mine created a game that grew beyond expectation becoming viral and, a year and change later, a commercial release that would kickstart his team’s career in the industry*.

From now on LD will have an even greater meaning. In this time of isolation and reclusion I asked my wife to participate in the jam with me. To my surprise she said yes – she’s really NOT into video games. Anyway, this Ludum Dare is the one in which I manged to make a game with my wife and that is pretty awesome. To add even more to the mix my brother also gave us a hand with all the audio stuff, composing music for the game and giving me invaluable feedback and QA in the last hours of development.

Jezebel and the Flame

With all that out of the way, let me tell you about our game. You control Jezebel with a classic point and click control, like the one in games like Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle. You are tasked with acquiring wood logs from your neighbours to feed a fire. That fire is your husband, transformed into a flame by hand of a witch and he will perish if the fire extinguishes before dawn.

You will visit your neighbours houses and talk to them, trying to convince them to give you wood or exchange it with you for something else. Along the way you will learn things about the village’s inhabitants as well as of Jezebel and her husband Terrence and their relationships.

You can download the game to play on the link below. be aware that only a Windows PC version is available as of now. I hope you enjoy it if you get to play it.

*That breakthrough game was Gods Will Be Watching, that was conceived in a LD and later would become a commercial release. A couple of years after that one they also released The Red Strings Club. Both are excellent games and you should give them a chance. They have also release a bunch of smaller games, you can play them for free here.

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