Inktober 2019

My first participation on Inktober is done! It’s been quite a challenge but nonetheless a very rewarding experience. Sadly I missed 5 days of the challenge – well, you know, life – but for most of October I’ve been doing my drawings/sketches and having lots of fun with it. Furthermore, today I feel I have a better understanding of how to draw – and more importantly how not to – certain things . Anyway, below you can see a gallery with all the sketches I did for Inktober 2019.


Eden of the sands + Night Driving Avenger

This is an artsy mini project I embarked myself a couple of weeks ago. I made a digital painting and wrote a short story. They are independent of each other but share the same seed, the title of music album: Night Driving Avenger. Hope you like it.

Night Driving Avenger

Night Driving Avenger

I painted this on my iPad Pro with the app Autodesk Sketchbook. With all its flaws I’m pretty happy with how it turned out 🙂

Eden of the sands

The car lights were on, projecting her shadow over the sand. She walked back circling around the opened door and sat at the driver’s seat. She opened the glove compartment and took out an old and battered notebook. With a sigh, the woman leaned back on her seat and opened the journal. “It’s finally over.” Her words came out in a murmur that expressed sadness more than anything else. She closed the door and started driving back home. She was crying. The window was open and her tears were flying to the sides of her face due to the wind that was coming through. She had spent the last couple of months on a personal mission that was supposed to bring her relief. Instead she felt nothing but sadness.

She drove through the wasteland. Home wasn’t far from there. Nothing really was. The last vestiges of her species had gotten confined to a small piece of land where growing vegetables was still possible. Scavengers roamed the sands of the desert that surrounded their Eden, but none of them was going too far. That would be a death sentence.

Back home she had a little house. One that not too long ago had been shared with a person that filled her life with joy and happiness. A person that made the difficulties of her life bearable. But that person was gone and it would never be back.

Her car emerged from behind a dune finally reaching the border of the liveable land. As she advanced the terrain changed. The sand became more compact. Darker. Fertile. She quickly reached one of the outposts. The community had increased security after what had happened. No one from the exterior was welcomed anymore. Everyone had to go through exhaustive screenings and security checks. No guns, knives or weapons of any kind where allowed inside the community. She got out of the car. Her light hair shone under the powerful lights of the outer rim. One of the guards came to her and took her to the side. She had to go through a full check up. She would be check for weapons and later would be examined by a doctor. Any sign of infection and she would be sent back to the wasteland. Her car would go through an exhaustive inspection too. Seats and any other detachable parts would be removed. Every single inch of the car would be scanned in search of explosives and hidden weapons.

She walked with the guard into the security cabin. Inside another guard was seating behind a desk. He quickly got up. “If you are wearing any weapons, please leave them over that table.” said the guard. “And you need to remove all your clothes, I will call a female guard for your examination if you want.” She looked at him. He was a young boy, maybe 20 or 22. She noticed that he looked nervous. Maybe the first time he had to examine a woman? “No need, let’s get over with this, alright? Just do your job.” The guard nodded but still looking a bit uncomfortable. She removed a knife from the interior side of her left boot. She was also carrying a gun on a holster below her right arm. An old twenty two that had been in her family for long and that she hadn’t used once. She checked the safety and left the hardware over the table. Only then she proceeded to remove her clothes. She folded everything carefully and left it over the table next to the weaponry. There was a small podium at the center of the room, the guard told her to step on it. The security check went on without incidents. She had nothing to hide. “I will call the doctor ok? Your weapons will be deposited at the vault and you can collect them whenever you leave town.” He disappeared through a door carrying her knife and the twenty two.

The doctor came in an instant later. She was a woman in her sixties, blonde hair and a little overweight. A smile crossed the doctor’s face as soon as she saw the woman over the podium. “I’m so glad to see you again Alice, Bruce and I were very worried after you left… you said nothing and after losing Alex… we thought, I mean, we want you to be safe and help you get your life going again.” The concerned felt real. She knew it was. Having someone that cares for you is comforting but that could not change the last two months of her life. It couldn’t change Alex’s death. Neither it could erase what had come after. She tried to be nice to the doctor during the examination and she promise to go visit soon, maybe stay for dinner. But the truth is that she didn’t want to do any of that. Since she had lost Alex she had focused on her mission. It was her escape. Her way of not confronting a harsh reality. But now that the mission was over she felt dead inside.

She went back to pick up her car. The guy at the security post gave her clearance to go inside Eden but not before recommending her to be careful with her car. “Don’t know what you run over with that thing and honestly, I don’t wanna know, but you should clean and repair that car before it falls apart… you’ve got lots of bumps in the front…” She said nothing, got inside the car and start driving home.

Eden was nice. Nicer than the desert at least. Alice was glad to see greenery again. Some more weeks in the desert and she could have lost her mind completely. The town was composed of wooden houses, all of them with plenty of land around them. The houses were simple and functional. They’ve managed to have running water and electricity. The survivors of Eden couldn’t ask for much more than that. The new generations had grown in that environment, they had never known the old days of prosperity and richness before everything went to hell. The inhabitants of Eden tried to keep everything as integrated with nature as possible. There was no place for asphalt or concrete in there. After all it looked like some lessons had been learnt.

It was late and the streets were mostly deserted. That worked for her, she didn’t want to speak to anyone. She opened the window and let the wind blew his hair. It was humid and there was a hint of soil and grass in the air. It was so different in there. She’d missed it. Alice parked the car at the drive-in of her house. Everything looked exactly as she left it, surely her neighbors had kept an eye while she was away. She entered the house and walked to the kitchen. She filled a bottle with tap water and walked up the stairs. It was well past midnight and she didn’t have any energy left on her.

Nightmares woke her up not longer after she went to bed. Her heart was pounding and she couldn’t catch her breath. She tried to go back to sleep but the images of the victims kept coming when she closed her eyes. And Alex, she could not stop seeing Alex’s face beaten up, covered in blood. She hadn’t been able to save her partner and had reacted with rage and anger, becoming someone she had never been. She felt the need to ask for forgiveness. If someone could understand her it would be Alex. She put on a t-shirt and shorts and went down the stairs. Left the house through the main door and came around to the backyard. The first morning light started to shine in the horizon. She walked fast, holding herself. She knew if she didn’t do that she would just fall apart. The pain was too much for her to bear. The feeling that her life was over didn’t let her breath. She looked up trying to locate Alex’s tomb. She fell to her knees in front of it and tears started to run down her cheeks. Grass and flowers had started grown while she was away. Alex’s body had given birth to new life, being the fertilizer that the soil needed. The pain and sorrow that she felt started to vanish as the sun came out of the horizon.


The Curse of Pargo Devlog 1: defining the basics

Hi there! I’ve been pretty busy for the past few weeks. After finally killing this, I took some time off of development. Coding is what I do for a living, so sometimes is difficult for me to find the inspiration and the will to go back to coding. It’s easier to relax, watch some Netflix or play a game.

But the thing is that, the few weeks I took off I couldn’t stop thinking about what project to start next. I had a few ideas and I finally decided to work on a puzzle game. This time I wanted to do things a bit better than last time> To do so, I created a little document defining the main aspects of the game. Last time I didn’t do anything like this, so I was working without direction. That’s a really bad idea, specially when you have tendency to lose focus easily like me.

The first thing I did was to do a brief description of the game and what I pretend to achieve with it. I came up with this:

Puzzle-adventure game. It takes elements from Captain Toad, Bomberman and Minecraft. Every level is a puzzle that combines different mechanics like breaking blocks, recollecting materials and keys and fight enemies. It’s a slow-pace game focused on combining the different mechanics. The goal on every level is to reach the final treasure chest.

With this on paper I started to describe the controls of the player:

  1. Movement: 8 direction based control, camera based. That means that the directions of the character will be modified with the movement of the camera. The character moving and turning has to be fast, smooth and precise so the player can react quickly to level events. Though the game won’t have much action there will be some enemies, and elements that can kill the player.
  2. Bomb: bombs are not planted on the ground but thrown slightly forward. Could we thrown further if the player leaves the fire button pressed?
  3. Action: activate buttons or push boxes.
  4. Structure: build and place a structure based on a recipe we collected before. Each recipe needs materials.

I also defined different types of objects and interactions that would be seen through out the game:

  1. Bombs: the player can throw them to break blocks or attack enemies.
  2. Destructible blocks: player can throw a bomb next to a block and destroy them with the explosion.
  3. Bounce pads: Sonic-like platforms that impulse the player up in the air.
  4. Collectible objects:
    • Doubloons: like coins in Super Mario or rings in Sonic. Collect 100 to get a life.
    • Keys: colored keys that open specific doors, like in Doom and other games.
    • Construction blocks: every time you break a destructible block you’ll be able to collect a construction block. Use it later to construct structure that help you finish the level.
    • Recipes: recipes will let you construct different structures to solve the puzzles.
  5. Wall and floor buttons: used to activate mobile platforms or open doors.
  6. Boxes: like in a lot of adventure games, you will be able to move boxes to help you reach a part of the level otherwise unreachable or activate floor buttons.
  7. Structures: when the player has acquired a recipe and enough construction blocks, he’ll be able to create structures that help him solve the levels.

Lastly, I wrote some lines regarding tone, setting and visual style:

The game will aim for a relaxed, fun style. The game is not child oriented so there can be swearing and violence. Something along the lines of LucasArts/DoubleFine games.


Very colorful, cartoon-like. I feel something close to Sea of Thieves or Fable Legends characters could work really well. The environment will be pirate-like and probably should use Monkey Island as main inspiration.

As you see, I decided to place the game on a pirate setting. I guess I’ve seen too much Black Sails and too many videos of Sea of Thieves 😛 Anyway, is something I quite like and I thing it’ll fit well with the little story (more like an outline) that I have in mind.

Technology-wise I’m gonna keep working on with Unity. My previous project had a lot of fighting with the engine, but now I feel I know how to solve deal with a lot of things. This time I want to focus more on the design and create a polished gameplay experience, and if I have to start from scratch with another game engine that won’t happen.

Also I’m making the move to Maya LT. This version of the software is aimed to indie devs and, as far as I know, has all the features I might need. On the audio front I’m undecided about what to do. It’s an unexplored area for me, but this time I would like to do something better, make some music, sounds effects, etc. We’ll see how that goes.

On the following weeks I’ll keep talking about the process I’m following with this game. I hope you enjoy this kind of content, let me know what you think!

Note: the main picture is by Glenn Carstens-Peters, see his work here.


Developing my first game prototype in Unity

Last year I started working with Unity, one of the most popular game engines in the world. I’ve spend months developing a little prototype that I’ve finished this past weekend. Don’t expect anything flashy. This is just the fruit of my own learning process.

Talking about learning, I’ve learnt a lot this few months. Not only about Unity or game development, but about myself. I know now that creating a scope, some constraints can help you stay focused in what is important. And that plays big when you’re like me.


Anyway, I’m gonna talk a bit about Unity. This engine has become very popular for a few reasons:

  1. Compatibility with Windows and MAC OS
  2. You can target over 20 platforms (PC, consoles, mobile…)
  3. Powerful and, at the same time, easy to use
  4. Huge community of devs
  5. You can use it for free (with some restrictions)

The most important of the previous points is the third one. It is true that Unity is powerful. There are a bunch of complex, good looking games developed with it. But I’ve come to know that if you want to get really good results you’re  going to have to invest a serious amount of time on engineering (or paying for assets in the store).

For example, the physics engine that comes with Unity is a pain in the ass. The collision system does some weird shit and it makes it a bit unpredictable. Of course, everything can be worked out, but sometimes you spend a lot of time on things you thought would be working by themselves.

Same happened to me with lighting and shades. I have a background in modeling and animation, so I’m used to the options provided by softwares like Maya and 3Ds Max. The surprise comes when you find out that the basic shaders that come with Unity are not great. You can do your own but good luck with that. Is not something on reach for everyone.

On the bright side, I have to say that I really like the environment and work flow of Unity. It feels really intuitive and I’m sure that the Unity team has spent a lot of resources on making a good user experience.

I plan to continue working with Unity in the future, though I also plan  to checkout other options, more specifically Game Maker Studio.

The prototype

Ok, so the prototype is a shoot ’em up or shmups. A classic spaceship like game. I’ve created a full level with different enemies, attack routines, etc.

It also features a mid level boss and a final boss at the end of the level. I tried to make more complex routines for these enemies, and I feel they are quite fun.
As you kill the enemies you earn points and as your score increases you’ll get some power ups that will make your life easier.

If you want to have a look to the prototype you can download from my Google Drive for Windows and Mac OS. I haven’t had the chance of trying the Mac version, so if someone tries it let me know how it works 🙂