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We are entering March and with that I’m also entering the 6th month in development of The Kolarian Trials, my next game. Like with any other project of mine, I set up to do something quick and failed miserably at it. Sometimes is lack of free quality time to put into these projects, sometimes is overscoping but most of the time is that I just have no idea of what I’m doing but, you know, in a good way – I’m still learning and game development encompasses many disciplines so it requires a lot of effort.

Anyway, the game – titled The Kolarian Trials – is a boss-rush or, a succession of fights against enemies that resemble what we would usually find in other games at the end of the stage – the “level boss”. The game has been progressing well. I have 4 bosses fully implemented with one more missing polish mechanic-wise and the art/animations. There’s a sixth one in planning stages and that will be probably the last one as I want to put an end at this development and move into something else.

I thought I would share some videos to see how the game has evolved over time:

This is footage from November, only a few days after starting development
A month later the game was taking shape and starting to develop a visual identity
In March, the game looks much more like a game. It’s alive, it has proper art, animations, sound FX, etc.

It’s really cool to see a game grow from the game development equivalent of a blank page to something that is fully playable and – hopefully – enjoyable.

If everything goes according to plan I will release the game by the end of April with 6 levels, an online leaderboard – arcade machine style – and customizable difficulty settings to tailor the experience to your taste. And all of it playable from the web 😀

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